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Guided Imagery for Coping WellGuided Meditations for Coping Well

Buy the CD of 5 Guided Meditations for Coping Well and enjoy the benefits of such relaxation and visual imagery at home or at the office during a break.

Great gift for people living with or without MS as numerous selections help all listeners.

Cost for each CD is JUST REDUCED to $8.99 plus shipping.

Payment may be made by credit card via Paypal, check or cash mailed to Coping Well, 316 Dexter Street, Denver, CO 80220-5658. Checks should be made out to Coping Well. Please include where you would like any CDs mailed. Shipping will be sent regular mail via the United States Postal Service. Please allow 8-10 business days for your order to arrive.

…studies suggest that imagery improves anxiety and cancer and surgery-related pain. …Imagery could conceivably be used to alter immune system function. …In one study of 40 people, 9 of whom had MS, meditation along with imagery decreased both anxiety and physical complaints during the physical rehabilitation process.
Allen C. Bowling, M.D., Ph.D.
Colorado Neurological Institute (CNI) (excerpts originated from this book)