Chronic Conditions Coaching

Are you recently diagnosed with a disease? Looking for coping skills to address everything from using accessible alternatives to communicating your “new normal” to family, friends and employers? Want strategies on how to manage disclosure in the workplace–to whom, when and how much to say? Would you value coaching strategies on what changes need to happen in your work place as well as modifications you may need to make to manage the work load and stress levels in your current situation?

Barbara Sullivan Roehrig is uniquely qualified to help others with disabilities manage these challenges. She is a certified coach who has been living with multiple sclerosis symptoms since 1986 when she was a junior at Boston College. Officially diagnosed with MS five years later while she was training for a triathlon, Barbara’s identity was then intertwined with athleticism and Corporate America ladder climbing. Barbara broke through the glass ceiling while still in her twenties and was an Executive Office in her last two corporate positions. Now she is sharing her experiences to help those living with disabilities make the life and career journey less rocky and more fulfilling.

Barbara has substantive experience managing each stage of the denial and acceptance process. She now uses an electric wheelchair and is known in medical and personal circles alike for living with MS with acceptance, determination and grace. That said, the changes did not come easy. Many were met with kicking and screaming and only gradually evolved into a positive outlook, a keen sense of humor, and a striving to help others learn from her experience, tools and connections. Reach out to Barbara so she can help you, your family and even your employer reconcile your disability with the demands and goals of your life.

The key differentiator between psychotherapy and Barbara’s coaching is that she is living with the disability and sharing her life as an open book which clients can learn from. 720-320-2885 Skype barbara.roehrig

Sessions are available on-site in her accessible home, over the phone or on Skype

SPEED BUMPS (Areas Which Could Slow You Down)


Collaboratively determine work environment as it relates to whom to disclose, amount & scope of disclosure. Assess breadth and depth of disclosure including educational resources.


Have you ever had a friend, colleague or family member try to relate to your MS fatigue by saying, “Oh, I get tired like that all the time!”? Oftentimes your closest contacts will think they understand MS fatigue. As one top MS neurologist described it, “It’s like working a full day after three days and nights of no sleep.” Is that what others are truly understanding? Learn how to communicate your ability and needs for energy conservation.


Are you aware of the free cooling equipment program? What about exemptions from your public utilities company to defray the costs of air conditioning to manage the heat? How about free 411 information dialing? Have you ever contacted the National MS Society to discuss resources which would add value to your MS journey and make some struggles less difficult? Would you benefit from using a cane or other accessible device?


Are you traversing your journey at breakneck speed, in essence trying to out run MS’ progress? Whether working for yourself or a corporation, what are you doing preventatively to maintain your healthiest self and/or perspective?


Are you working in a fulfilling occupation? If you’re not working, do you want to be? What do you miss most about working? Is volunteering an option? Collaboratively determine occupational objectives.