Following are testimonials from real people who have enjoyed the benefits of the Coping Well program:

Guided Meditations for Coping Well CD

“I was diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis in 1986. For twenty years, I have spoken to doctors from California to Colorado to learn all that I could about my MS and what I could do to improve my difficulties. I wanted to know what I should do to relieve the tense muscles in my back, shoulders and neck. Over the years, I was prescribed various medications, shots, pills. Nothing gave me much relief. I assumed nothing could help me.
A Denver friend with MS suggested I try listening to your CD’s Guided Meditation for Coping Well. Barbara, your suggestions on your CDs enabled me to relax my body, my mind. I experienced a tranquil sense of well-being, calmness. How I embraced your soothing words. Now, when I feel the tension rising, I listen to your calming words of wisdom and positive thoughts. I now have a new, wonderful coping mechanism, thanks to you!
Natalie Ground”

Calling In

“The Coping Well sessions recreate what I feel are the best and most beneficial parts of Can Do MS’ (formerly The Heuga Center for MS) program. Great series of lectures, the ability to interact with lecturer and other participants and the feeling of that you are not “fighting” the battle alone. I feel that the Coping Well program is quite a beneficial experience.”
John M. Francis
Grosse Pointe Park , MI

“I am not one to join groups but I must say that I have found this forum to be most enlightening. As I have had MS for over 20 years, I thought I knew all there was to know about proactively managing the disease. However, to my pleasant surprise, I was wrong. I applaud Barbara and her team for putting the time and effort forth to create such informative and interesting programs!”

Attending On-Site

“It helps to bring experts and people with MS together to support and knowledge. When you meet people who empower themselves, it empowers and inspires you to believe that life can still be beautiful after MS. It makes you feel like you’re not alone.”

Kimberly Spears
Denver, CO

“I have attended the majority of the Coping Well sessions for the past nine months. The connections that I have made with the other participants who also have MS have been very powerful. Hopefully, those of us who have had MS for a while have shared their insights, experiences and perspective with some of the other group members who are more recently diagnosed. One of the most beautiful parts of the sessions is the informal sharing which is very supportive and tender. In no way is it a support group but it offers some of the same benefits in that participants feel safe and nurtured in sharing personal experiences.
We are very fortunate to have dedicated volunteers who make reminder calls and handle the registration. The shining star, however, is Barbara Roehrig. Coping Well has been her idea for several years and she has had the foresight, creativity, organizational skills and wisdom to bring it all to fruition. The program is not limited to the Denver area; people from across the country are able to dial in and participate in the monthly sessions. Furthermore, Barbara makes CDs and has them for sale in case people missed out on a session and want to take advantage of it. We have had leading experts who are nationally renowned speak to us on a variety of topics pertaining to MS from Sexuality and Intimacy to Holistic Healing to Relationships and Change and a lot of other things in between.
Words don’t begin to express the inspiration and positive effects that I feel this program has had on me. I plan to continue to attend future sessions when we resume this fall and have already given Barbara potential future speakers.”
Peri Abrahams
Denver, CO